Monday, August 3, 2015

Message from TASA President

Message from the TASA President Carol Fairlie
Thank you for joining the TASA Annual Conference hosted by Texas Tech in Lubbock. The world we teach in is rapidly changing, the challenges and obstacles we face are many. Whether it is the issue of constricted core curriculum, limitations on adjunct instructors or the changing concepts in teaching of core components, TASA conferences provide a meeting place to discuss, share and solve issues. A special panel on Creative Arts Core Component Area and Studio Art Courses will be held on Friday morning, Oct. 2nd.
Also, this years conference “Arts Practice Research: Scholarship, Pedagogy, and the Creative Process”, broadens the spectrum by involving multi-disciplinary concepts shared by the Visual and Performing arts.   “Arts Practice Research,” is a fast-growing topic within university curricula, both here in North America and abroad, with the fundamental conviction that both the creation and the analysis of an arts object (physical or processual) can be constituent elements of the scholarly mission, uniting the creator and the critic as “practitioner”. How does this work into your academic practices?

We are here to share ideas and we want hear your voice and your issues.    

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