Sunday, August 2, 2015

Juror 1 Foot Square Show

Juror 1 Foot Square Exhibition
Charles Adams, Founding Director, CASP
Mr. Adams has successfully managed a professional fine arts gallery for over thirty years in Lubbock, Texas. Mr. Adams graduated with an art history degree from NYU. He also owned and operated a successful gallery in NYC for ten years before returning to Lubbock in 1980. He has an ongoing relationship with visual and performing artists not only in West Texas but across the United States. He has served as advisor and board member to many cultural organizations in the region. As Studio Project Director, Adams provides his expertise in the oversight of the development and management of the project. Mr. Adams is the director of development, implementation and management of a marketing plan, liaison to the general public, the artists, and cultural organization for the Studio Project. He oversees the development and sustainability of an artist in residency program and other artist-­based events and activities presented on the campus.

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